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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Welcome back everyone and I hope you are all ok. So recently I was having a browse through Shpok the online selling site looking for those bargains in the local area when I came across two very interesting posts from a lady who lives only a few miles away from myself.

The posts advertised personalised pebble art which in itself is no problem as pebble art is on the increase within the crafting community however what did bother me is the similarity to my work and designs.

I decided to do a little more investigation and was disappointed to discover that not only were there two of my ideas being used but the person concerned was also a member of my Facebook group.

As someone who has been designing and creating my own style of work for the past five years and also someone who is passionate about protecting the originality and copyright of it I was shocked and angered that this person had proceeded to steal ideas despite the fact that there is a very obvious copyright notice present on my website and Facebook page.

The persons actions show a complete lack of respect not only to myself but also to the crafting community in general who work so hard to create unique and interesting designs.

Sadly due this ladies actions we have now changed the settings of the Facebook page and anyone wishing to join the group will now have to request to join.

It is a sad state of affairs when you feel you are unable to openly share your new work and designs on either the website or social media but as an artist I will not tolerate people who look to make a name for themselves at the expense of others.

I have several friends who create pebble art but none of us cross the boundary and we all have respect each others work and designs. Luckily I have enough evidence to prove my case and if necessary will take the matter further.

Extremely annoyed to say the least....

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