The Foxton Locks Festivals

Hello everyone and welcome back to my news page.

Yesterday evening we arrived back home looking like we had spent the weekend at the Download Festival and as expected the washing machine has been on ever since dealing with the slight problem of mud.

Our annual visit to The Foxton Locks Festival didn't quite go according to plan due to slight weather issues however given the weeks worth of rain that we had endured prior to the festival we knew full well what we were walking into.

Despite the sorry state of parts of the show field and the regular bouts of heavy showers throughout the weekend the festival actually proved to be a success and to be fair that was down to the organisers who worked so hard to keep things moving despite what they were up against.

As expected visitor numbers were down but we still managed a very reasonable return on the weekend so certainly no loss or regrets on our part.

As always we met some lovely stall holders and visitors over the two days and as usual had the unfortunate pleasure of being visited by a couple of chancers! Yes we did catch the two ladies from the dog club taking sneaky photos {just as we did last year} and yes we did catch the lady who makes Pebble art quickly grabbing a leaflet.. I appreciate their interest but encourage them not to copy our ideas. My work is a little different which makes it very easy